Best Kid Soccer Cleats

All of the best soccer players in the world know just how important it is to have the right equipment to play their best game. From head to toe, all aspects of a player’s kit have to be considered to deliver a top performance.

Definitely the most important part of a soccer player’s kit is their cleats. This is the only part of the kit that will actually affect the way you’re able to kick the ball and how it will move through the air.

However, shopping for kid’s soccer cleats is always going to be a nightmare. There are hundreds of options to choose from and they’re probably going to outgrow anything you buy them within a year.

Best Kid Soccer Cleat

But it is super important to get them the right cleats so they can enjoy playing the sport they love as much as possible. That’s why I’ve assembled this list of the top kid’s soccer cleats available online to help you decide what works best for your child.

You’re bound to find something in this guide that will have your little superstar scoring goals like it’s easy!

Adidas Goletto VII

adidas Goletto VII Firm Ground Cleats Football Shoe, core Black/Shock Pink/Shock Pink, 13 US Unisex Little Kid

The first pair of cleats on my list is from one of the most reputable and reliable brands in the soccer world: Adidas. They’ve made a name for themselves over the years and are often selected by many of the world’s top professionals (even without a sponsorship deal).

These cleats feature a pretty simple design, with the trademark Adidas stripes along the side with a color matching heel and studs. Instead of designing these cleats to look extravagant and stand out from the crowd, Adidas has focused much more attention on a solid construction.

The synthetic and mesh material, combined with a rubber sole make these cleats pretty durable so there’s little chance of them breaking before your child grows out of them.

They come with a choice of three different color options and a great variety of kid’s sizes, however the sizing chart might not always be completely accurate.

Some customers have mentioned in reviews that the size often ran a little too small. If you’re in doubt, always go one size higher than you think- that way, there’s also more room for the feet to grow into them.


  • Durability – The materials and craftsmanship used for these cleats makes them very strong and long lasting
  • Range of sizes and colors – You’re bound to find an option that fits your child’s feet and sense of style
  • Price – These are some of the most budget friendly cleats on this list
  • Reliable brand – Adidas has been producing professional standard soccer equipment for decades, so you can definitely trust them


  • Inaccurate size chart – Some customers noted that the size of these cleats could be a little smaller than expected
  • Simple design – It’s a matter of personal preference but the mostly black design does come off as bland
adidas Goletto VII Firm Ground Cleats Football Shoe, core Black/Shock Pink/Shock Pink, 13 US Unisex Little Kid
  • Football few Adidas
  • The Adidas brand has a long history and deep-rooted Connection with sport. Everything we do is rooted in sport
  • Driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation as well as decades of accumulating sports science expertise, we cater for all, from elite professional athletes and teams to any individual who wants to able sport part of their lives

JABASIC Kids Outdoor Soccer Cleats

JABASIC Kids Outdoor Soccer Cleats Athletic Firm Ground Football Shoes (10 M,Blue)

These next cleats from JABASIC are designed to be closer to the type of footwear a pro would use in terms of design and construction.

The cross-patterned design that comes in a variety of 5 different color combinations is definitely appealing to the eye and will be sure to turn heads on the training field.

They use a specially designed breathable lining which, using a synthetic fabric, makes the cleats much more comfortable to wear. This is because they allow heat to escape easily and avoid consistent sweating whilst exercising.

Another interesting feature of these cleats is that they have a padded tongue and toe box. These are the areas of the feet that often take a bit of a workout during a soccer match, so having extra padding in these sections will allow your child to wear them for longer, without holding them back.

This is another pair of budget friendly cleats, which is good for your bank account but not so much for the quality of construction. Some customer reviews have highlighted how these cleats don’t last very long, especially when used consistently in full soccer matches.

However, in terms of a child’s first pair of soccer cleats, these will be comfortable and definitely do the job.


  • Design and color options With a unique design and 5 different color options, these cleats are bound to suit someone’s taste
  • Synthetic lining – Makes the shoe more breathable and comfortable
  • Padded tongue and toe box – Extra padding is provided for the areas of the shoe that really need it
  • Price – This is another reasonably priced pair of cleats


  • Durability – The downside of affordability is that these cleats probably won’t last too long if they’re being used consistently.
JABASIC Kids Outdoor Soccer Cleats Athletic Firm Ground Football Shoes (10 M,Blue)
  • A well-padded collar and insoles make these shoes extremely comfortable.
  • Rubber molded cleats make it easier to walk on the lawn and run more freely.
  • Classic Lace Up Design: easy to adjust laces make these shoes easy to wrap around kid's feet.
  • The vamp of gradual change color added the fashion sense of shoe, suit to match the jersey of all kinds of styles.
  • Suitable for toddle / little kid / big kid used in football court, rugby field, sports hall, road and so on.

Puma Kids’ Spirit Fg

PUMA unisex child Puma Spirit Iii Firm Ground Soccer Shoe, Fuchsia Purple-puma Black, 3 Little Kid US

Puma is another one of the biggest names in soccer clothing and equipment, meaning you can definitely rely on these cleats to give your child everything they need to perform at the highest level.

They are designed with style and comfort in mind, featuring an interesting dotted pattern along one side with the classic Puma logo at the back.

There are three color options available but the bulk of the shoe is black, making it easier to keep them looking fresh, even on the muddiest of fields!

Using a combination of fabric and synthetic materials, the interior of the shoe has great padding and lining to make them comfortable but don’t allow for much breathability.

What you’ll notice with these shoes is that the actual cleats (or studs) on the bottom are  a little longer than you’ll see on other kid’s soccer shoes.

This means they’ll provide more grip on wetter grass fields but definitely won’t be appropriate for indoor use. If your child has separate training sessions indoors, they’re much better off with flat bottomed sneakers than these cleats.


  • Stylish, but simple design – The cleats are mostly black which makes them easy to clean but still looks good
  • Comfortable materials – The fabric interior lining makes these cleats comfortable even for walking around in
  • Great grip – The extra long studs give extra grip on the more difficult, wet fields
  • Price – Again, these cleats are some of the most affordable you can get


  • Sizing – Some customers have expressed complaints about sizes being completely different to what they expected
  • Breathability – The materials don’t allow for much airflow to the foot
  • Outdoor use only – The longer studs on the bottom of the shoe make these inappropriate for indoor use
PUMA unisex child Puma Spirit Iii Firm Ground Soccer Shoe, Fuchsia Purple-puma Black, 3 Little Kid US
  • Expert ball control
  • Versatile movement on the field of play
  • Smooth synthetic leather
  • Eye catching design

Vizari Striker FG

Vizari Striker FG Soccer Shoes | Firm Ground Cleats for Outdoor Surfaces and Fields | Lightweight and Easy to wear Youth Outdoor Soccer Cleats | Black/Silver | 9 Toddler

The style of these soccer cleats reminds me of the kind of thing I always wanted when I was a kid. The dramatic curved and straight lines all over the exterior make this shoe look exciting at a mere glance.

The synthetic material on the exterior gives these shoes an almost shiny aesthetic, definitely something that’s going to make people take notice.

However, aside from the extravagant design, these soccer cleats are on the lower end of the scale in terms of budget and quality.

With the amount of synthetic material that’s gone into producing these cleats, there’s a good chance they won’t last too long if they’re being used consistently.

Also, Vizari claims in the product description that the synthetic uppers of the shoe make it easier to control the ball. Don’t be fooled by this, though.

This material makes the ball stick to a player’s foot more easily due to increased friction, but it also makes it more difficult for the player to move their foot as freely, making it consequently more difficult to control and kick the ball.

Overall, these are pretty much the least expensive shoes on our list and they’ll still do an adequate job for your child to play soccer. If budget is your main priority, this is a good pair of cleats for you.


  • Stylish design – These cleats use a more retro design that definitely grabs the eye
  • Well padded interior – The interior has padding in the right places to make these shoes comfortable to wear
  • Price – This is one of the most budget friendly pairs of cleats you can get for this quality


  • Durability – These likely won’t last as long as some other cleats on this list
  • Synthetic materials – The materials used for the shoe make it less flexible, which makes it more difficult to control and kick the ball just how you’d want to
Vizari Striker FG Soccer Shoes | Firm Ground Cleats for Outdoor Surfaces and Fields | Lightweight and Easy to wear Youth Outdoor Soccer Cleats | Black/Silver | 9 Toddler
  • FEATURES: Vizari Striker FG Soccer Cleats are made of water-resistant, shiny synthetic materials. The easily adjustable laces allow these shoes to strictly adhere to your foot.
  • RUGGED OUTSOLE: Our two-toned flexible rubber outsoles have rugged studs to help with traction on firm ground and outdoor fields.
  • COMFORT: Our Soccer shoes are extremely comfortable due to their well-padded collar and footbed. Wear them without discomfort during long games and practices.
  • BALL CONTROL: The synthetic uppers with perfect stitched linings of our shoes are designed to help you control the ball more easily.
  • FUN STYLE: Our Striker cleats come in fun two-tone color combinations that will add a splash of color to your uniform.

Diadora Cattura MD Jr

Diadora Kid's Cattura MD JR Soccer Cleats (10 Toddler, Black/Red/White)

With this pair of cleats, we move onto a slightly more versatile soccer shoe. Most of the cleats you’ll find will have long studs protruding from the bottom which give the player extra grip on wet and grassy surfaces.

However, these cleats use a much less extreme, molded stud which still provides adequate grip on grass fields but can also be used indoors and on synthetic fields.

Another great feature of these smaller molded studs is that there are more of them than you’d get on an average pair of cleats. This spreads out the pressure points over the whole foot, rather than just a few points, making it way more comfortable to wear.

The design of these cleats is fairly simplistic but still looks pretty stylish and there are 5 different color options to choose from. They’ve got everything from the plain black and red stripe aesthetic to a bright pink and yellow, with everything in between. There’s sure to be some kind of design your kid will love!

According to customer reviews and seller advice, the sizing chart provided by Amazon is a little off compared to the actual sizes of these cleats. Diadora does provide their own, more accurate size chart to help you out, so just make sure you check it carefully before purchasing.


  • More studs – Reduces overall pressure across the bottom of the foot
  • Suitable for indoor use – The smaller, molded studs make these shoes appropriate for indoor use, however flat bottomed sneakers would still be better for a hard floor
  • 5 different color options – You’re sure to find a color combination your kid will enjoy


  • Tricky sizing – You’ll have to be pretty careful when ordering these and might have to measure your child’s foot just to be sure you’re getting the right size for them
Diadora Kid's Cattura MD JR Soccer Cleats (10 Toddler, Black/Red/White)
  • Upper: Soft, polyurethane upper with a padded, brushed nylon ankle collar lining.
  • Insole: Fixed cotton and shock-absorbing EVA foam.
  • Outsole: Molded rubber outsole provides 14 studs to reduce pressure points on the young player's feet. Studs placed slightly wider apart in the heel area to improve stability.
  • Sizes 8C to 10C Toddler (smallest) 10.5 to 3 (Little Kid) 3.5 to 6.5 (Big Kid)
  • DO NOT USE THE AMAZON SIZING CHART. Please refer to the sizing chart and sizing instructions on the left in the images.

Nike Jr. Mercurial Superfly 7 Academy MDS

Jr. Mercurial Superfly 7 Academy MDS MG Youth Soccer Cleats (1 Little Kid US) Blue

It’s safe to say I’ve saved the best until last for this list, as these cleats are known across the world as being some of the best for any soccer player. Of course, the name, Nike, is synonymous with sports clothing and equipment in every country, so you know you can rely on them to produce a top quality soccer shoe.

Mercurials are a variety of soccer cleats that a lot of professional players use. The unique collar design around the ankle acts almost like having a second sock on. This provides the shoe with greater comfort and also reduces any risk of the shoe slipping while kicking the ball.

The mercurials do use a synthetic material which can run the risk of reducing flexibility in the shoe. However, Nike cleverly implements the material to give it plenty of flexibility across the whole foot, while still providing adequate protection for your child’s foot when they’re kicking the ball.

The studs on this boot are still a little less extreme than you’d see on an adult’s soccer cleat, so won’t be dangerous for a child to use, but they are still long enough and well placed to provide a great level of grip on grass fields.

It’s worth bearing in mind that these shoes are designed pretty much exclusively for use on a grass soccer field, so likely won’t perform well, or at all, on synthetic fields or hard floors.

Of course, being one of the best soccer shoes in the world, it’s also one of the most expensive, and the mercurials cost quite a lot more than any others on this list. However, if they do fit your budget, you’ll find that these are pretty much the best way to allow your child to play to their full potential.


  • Great synthetic material – Nike has cleverly used a synthetic material that maintains flexibility across the whole shoe
  • Extra grip from studs – These are about as close as you’ll get to professional standard studs on a kid’s soccer shoe
  • Professional standard – Even the top professional soccer players recognize how good these cleats are
  • Durability – All Nike soccer cleats have a reputation for being very reliable and will last a lot longer than the average soccer shoe
  • Comfortable design – The ankle collar and padded interior make these cleats super easy to wear for long periods of time


  • Price – This is easily the most expensive pair of cleats on this list
Jr. Mercurial Superfly 7 Academy MDS MG Youth Soccer Cleats (1 Little Kid US) Blue
  • A comfortable lining and Dynamic Fit collar work together and wrap your foot to feel like a second skin.
  • Soft synthetic material is textured from heel to toe to give you the touch you need for creativity at high speeds.
  • A versatile multi-ground plate with a Nike Aerotrak zone in the forefoot provides traction on natural- and artificial-grass surfaces.

Buyer’s Guide

If you’ve been through this list and still haven’t found the perfect pair of soccer cleats for your child, there are still hundreds of other options out there.

If you want to do your own shopping and search for your own perfect pair, these are some of the essential things you should look out for:

Flexible materials

Most soccer cleats will use a synthetic material and this is pretty much the best you can get. However, if you can, you should always check how flexible the material is.

If you try to bend the shoe slightly and it won’t provide much leeway, your child will basically be kicking the ball with a block of wood on their foot. It’s much more important that the shoe is able to bend and move with your child’s foot to give them more control over the ball.


Whatever you call them, the little spiky things that stick out the bottom of the shoe are designed to give a player extra grip on certain surfaces. The longer the studs are, the more grip will be provided.

However, pretty much any length of stud will be inappropriate for use on a hard floor. Shorter studs can still be used on synthetic fields but should also be kept off of hard, indoor surfaces.

You should make sure you consider the surface your child will be playing on when looking at stud length.


The main aim of padding a soccer cleat is to make it more comfortable to wear and kick the ball. Of course, there will often be padding around the ankle, as this is where a lot of rubbing can happen with the ankle.

However, for soccer specifically, the toe and arch of the foot are parts that take a lot of damage during a match, as these are the most important parts for kicking and controlling the ball. Having a shoe with extra padding in these areas will make the shoes way more comfortable for your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should little kids wear soccer cleats?

Smaller children can wear soccer cleats to help them have more grip when playing on a grass field surface. It’s important to make sure little kids don’t wear cleats that are too long, as this will affect their balance and make it more likely that they could twist their ankle.

Are cleats necessary for soccer?

When playing on a grass surface, cleats are pretty much essential for soccer. Particularly when it’s wet, cleats provide a level of grip that allows players to change direction quickly and control the ball under pressure.