Best Cheap Soccer Ball

If you’re looking for a soccer ball, whether it’s to spend some time playing with friends, or whether it’s to kickstart your training in the hopes of a professional soccer career, you will quickly learn that quality does indeed matter. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to spend a large amount of money.

Truth is, more expensive doesn’t always mean better, and a lot of the time you can find amazing soccer balls for very cheap, as long as you know what to look for. 


Soccer balls are made to be used and should be able to endure plenty of soccer games before needing to be replaced. This is why quality is so important.

The better the soccer ball, the better you will be able to play, and the longer it will last, which overall saves you money in the long run! 

Product reviews:

If you’ve never gone soccer ball shopping before, it can be challenging to balance between looking for quality and aiming for a cheap price.

To help you out, we have compiled a list with our top five favorite picks for the best cheap soccer balls, all of them under $50, but with a great make and quality that will take your soccer playing to the next level. 

Let’s get right into it: 

Adidas MLS Club Soccer Ball

adidas Unisex-Adult MLS Club Ball, White/Black/Silver Metallic/Pantone, 5

The Adidas MLS Club Soccer Ball is at the very top of our list as our absolute favorite pick, and for very good reason.

It has an overwhelming amount of positive reviews and ratings, and it is also a top-selling product on Amazon, which in itself proves its popularity and customer satisfaction. 

It is available in a few different sizes, so you can cater to different ages and training approaches if need be, and it is also available in a variety of different designs and colors so that you can pick the one most suited to your personal taste.

It is made from 100% Thermoplastic Polyurethane, and it is constructed to be highly durable, the design based on the ones used in elite competition.

So it is guaranteed to last you a very long time. It is also machine-stitched, to enhance that durability, and so that it is more resistant to impact. 

It is designed with a butyl bladder, for the best possible air retention, so that you don’t have to constantly re-inflate it.

It comes with the official Adidas MLS logo, to mirror the official soccer balls used in matches, and all in all, it is perfect for training purposes, as well as for fun. 


  • Huge amount of positive reviews and ratings from satisfied customers
  • Available in different sizes, as well as in different colors and designs
  • 100% thermoplastic polyurethane
  • Machine-stitched for durability and resistance
  • Official Adidas MLS logo printed on the ball 


  • Some customers have had the ball arrive with many stickers on it, which is simply a bit of a hassle
adidas Unisex-Adult MLS Club Ball, White/Black/Silver Metallic/Pantone, 5
  • A durable soccer ball based on those used in elite competition
  • Machine-stitched construction for high durability
  • Butyl bladder for best air retention
  • MLS printed logo
  • Requires inflation

Adidas Tango Rosario Manchester United Soccer Ball

adidas MLS Capitano Soccer Ball White/Black/Purple 3

The Adidas Tango Rosario Manchester United Soccer Ball is a very close second on our list, and for very good reason.

It is one of the favorites amongst customers, and it is available in three different sizes, and you can also choose from a large variety of different colors and designs, in order to suit all types of personal tastes. 

This soccer ball is made from 100% TPU, with a synthetic film that provides high durability.

It also features a machine-stitched construction, which not only makes it a lot more long-lasting, but also adds a lot of resistance to impact and more.

It also features a butyl bladder, for the best possible air retention, so that you’re not having to inflate it constantly. 

The design itself is inspired by the Manchester United jersey, and as a well-known and reputable soccer team, it’s easy to trust a soccer ball that follows in their footsteps (or at the very least colors).

It’s ideal for both leisure and soccer training, and all in all, is a great option! 


  • Inspired by the Manchester United soccer team jersey
  • Made from 100% TPU 
  • Machine-stitched construction for extra durability
  • Available in three different sizes and multiple different colors


  • The ball arrives deflated (but can be easily inflated)
adidas MLS Capitano Soccer Ball White/Black/Purple 3
  • A hard-wearing ball that keeps bouncing back
  • Butyl bladder for best air retention
  • Machine-stitched construction for high durability
  • Requires inflation
  • Size 5 ball (official size) suggested for ages 12+

American Challenge Brasilia Soccer Ball

American Challenge Brasilia Soccer Ball (Orange, 5)

Another amazing soccer ball option that made it into our list of top picks, is the American Challenge Brasilia Soccer Ball.

The American Challenge brand is very well-known and trustworthy, with plenty of manufacturing experience as it has been producing soccer balls since 1973. 

This soccer ball is made from strong and durable TPU, for long-lasting action. It also features two layers of polycotton lining as the backing material, for extra durability.

It also features a machine-stitched construction, for extra resistance to impact. 

It is a hybrid SR-bladder, for optimal air retention, and it is primarily designed for use on grass fields. 

As for the level of playing, it is designed for youth players that are looking to advance their skills. It is also available in a few different sizes, and in a few different colors, to better suit your needs and preferences. 


  • Excellent and trustworthy brand 
  • Made of durable TPU, with two extra layers of a polycotton lining 
  • Machine-stitched construction for extra resistance to impact 
  • Hybrid SR-bladder
  • Designed for youth players and grass fields 


  • Does not retain air as well as other soccer ball options
American Challenge Brasilia Soccer Ball (Orange, 5)
  • OUTER CASING MATERIAL: 3.25mm TPU material -BACKING MATERIAL: 2 layers of poly/cotton lining
  • STITCHING: Machine stitched - BLADDER: Hybrid SR bladder
  • This ball was designed for grass fields
  • PLEASE NOTE: The balls do not come inflated - The Brasilia ball is a medium level ball meant for youth players
  • American Challenge: A Brand You Can Trust. Since 1973 This is a great youth ball

YANYODO Traditional Soccer Training Ball

YANYODO Soccer Training Ball Practice Traditional Soccer Balls Classic Sizes 3 for Toddler, Youth, Kids, Teens, Adults, Perfect for Outdoor & Indoor Match or Game,Black&White Size 3

The YANYODO Traditional Soccer Training Ball is a highly popular soccer ball option, with a traditional soccer ball design, made to be perfect for training and advancing soccer skills in young players, specifically for those 8 years and under.

The icon one is black and white, with a traditional appearance. However, this soccer ball is also available in plenty of other colors and designs, to suit every preference. 

It is made out of premium Thermoplastic Polyurethane, for high durability and a feather-like feel. Plus, this also helps minimize moisture absorption, so that the ball can be used on grass fields and still last a long time.

The bladder of the ball is made out of butyl material, to enhance air retention and to ensure optimal bounce and shape. It also features a machine-stitched construction, for extra resistance to impact. 

The classic design features 32 panels of black and white, which also offers great visibility, even when playing in the dark.

As mentioned, it is aimed at youth players of 8 years and under and is perfect for enduring all sorts of training activities and matches. 


  • Classic design, with availability for other colors, depending on preference
  • Made of premium Thermoplastic Polyurethane for durability
  • Machine-stitched for extra resistance
  • Designed for youth players (8 years and under)
  • Butyl bladder for optimal air retention


  • No significant drawbacks
YANYODO Soccer Training Ball Practice Traditional Soccer Balls Classic Sizes 3 for Toddler, Youth, Kids, Teens, Adults, Perfect for Outdoor & Indoor Match or Game,Black&White Size 3
  • 【Premium Material】: The outer casing of this practice ball consists of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) which greatly contributes to the durability of the ball as well as the feather-like feel to it. Besides, it minimizes moisture absorption.
  • 【Unique Butyl Bladder】: Its bladder uses butyl material which improves air retention which means you do not need frequent reflation. The wrapped bladder also gives it a perfectly round shape, touch, and bounce.
  • 【Classic Design】: featured with 32 panels, traditional black & white high contrast graphic design creates better visibility for this training soccer ball even in the dark, which offers great control when shooting and catching.
  • 【Various Applications】: due to its soft composite cover and the unique machine stitching panels, the ball is quite perfect for head-butting and dribbling as it is neither too hard nor too soft, specially made for training, practice and recreational purposes, a great gift choice for toddlers kids teens adults.
  • 【What You Get】: 1* Traditional Soccer Ball- deflated (NO pumps and needles) with 3 sizes available for you to choose: SIZE 3(approx.23‘’-24‘’)-under age 8&under; SIZE 4(approx.25‘’-26‘’)- age 8-12; SIZE 5(approx.27‘’-28‘’)- age 12+. Please check with your local league for size requirements.

Aoneky Traditional Soccer Ball with Pump

Aoneky Kids Deflated Mini Soccer Ball for Boy Girl Aged 3-8 Years Old,Dogs,Size 3, Small

Last but not least on our list of top picks, we have the Aoneky Traditional Soccer Ball with a pump.

It comes available in two different sizes, to better suit your needs according to age and training, and comes in a traditional white color which improves visibility, especially when playing at night. 

It is made of a premium polyurethane material, which provides great durability and long-lasting use, even when being used on a regular basis.

It’s a real soccer ball, designed and adapted for children, and ideal for developing basic soccer skills, as well as being used for leisure and general play.

It comes in two different sizes, and arrives deflated. However, it comes with a pump included, so that you can easily inflate it at the start, and whenever you need to from then on. 


  • Traditional soccer ball design – ideal for practice
  • Available in different sizes 
  • Pump included with the product for inflating 


  • Not as durable or as professional as other soccer ball options
Aoneky Kids Deflated Mini Soccer Ball for Boy Girl Aged 3-8 Years Old,Dogs,Size 3, Small
  • Synthetic leather cover
  • Machine-stitched soccer ball
  • Recreational use
  • Ball pump included

Buyer’s Guide:

A soccer ball is a pretty straightforward item, it’s a ball used for soccer, right?

But if it’s your first time buying a soccer ball, whether it’s for leisure, or for soccer practice, you will soon realize that the whole process is actually a lot more challenging than expected. 

There are many different soccer balls available on the market, most of them incredibly similar and within the same price ranges.

However, there are enough slight differences to make choosing one of them a little tricky. It might not seem like it at first, but not all soccer balls are created equal, and the better the ball, the better the soccer. 

Players are well aware that having a high-quality soccer ball is important, not only so that training is smoother and easier, but also so that the ball itself is durable and long-lasting.

After all, a soccer ball gets kicked around constantly, and therefore needs to be able to resist impact and retain air so that you aren’t constantly having to re-inflate. 

When it comes to choosing the best possible soccer ball, we like to take a few basic factors into consideration, comparing all of the available items to figure out which one suits our needs and preferences the best, while reaching the highest standards and the best possible quality.

You can check out our list of top picks for reference, and to have a good assortment of soccer balls.

But if you also want to dive into those main factors that we use to compare items, then we’ve put together a small summary, which will hopefully be of help to you: 

The outer casing material:

The outer casing material is essentially the outer surface of the soccer ball, the one you’ll be in contact with, and it needs to be as durable and as tough as possible in order to survive being kicked around and handled roughly, on grass fields and similar, throughout soccer practice and matches. 

Almost all soccer balls will be made out of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), as it’s one of the best materials for the job, and it’s pretty long-lasting.

However, if you want extra durability, you should look out for premium TPU, or other alternative materials that offer an even better resistance. 

You can also look out for features such as extra layers of material, especially those designed to make the ball soft to the touch, or more comfortable to use. 

The size:

Soccer balls are often available in more than one size. Some products will be one-size only, some will offer two or three different sizes, and others will offer the whole range of soccer ball sizes. 

Your job is to choose the right size for your personal needs and preferences, and therefore to check that the soccer ball you’re looking at comes available in that particular size. 

Here are the different soccer ball sizes, explained:

  • Size 1: this is a miniature ball, used for very young kids and recreational purposes. It is mainly to help children develop the basics of footwork and other soccer skills.
  • Size 2: this is a half-sized ball that is suited to children up to age four, give or take. 
  • Size 3: this is the ideal soccer ball size for youth players, which are children up to the age of eight. They will feel like an official match ball, in relation to what adults use professionally, and it is therefore ideal for advancing different soccer skills. 
  • Size 4: this is slightly smaller than the official standard soccer ball
  • Size 5: this is the regulation full-sized standard soccer ball that is used for players over the age of fourteen. It is also the soccer ball size used in professional matches. 

The design and color:

Soccer balls come in all sorts of pattern designs, logos, and colors. It might not seem super important at first, but it’s kind of basic and essential that you like your soccer ball.

The aim is for you to use it regularly, and make the most out of its purchase, and one way to ensure that is to make sure that the soccer ball is visually appealing with you, suiting your aesthetic and preferences. 

Many soccer balls are actually designed after specific famous soccer ball teams, as well as professional sports brands.

But watch out, because famous brands can sometimes make the soccer ball way more expensive than it’s worth, just for having the logo on display! 

The construction:

Soccer balls are usually made out of panels, which are octagon-shaped quilts, visible on the exterior.

The FIFA-approved soccer balls contain 32 panels, but most average training soccer balls tend to have between 18 to 26 panels. 

The amount of panels can actually affect how the ball flies, and therefore the quality of the soccer playing itself. Usually, the fewer panels, the stronger and more water-resistant the ball will be. 

What’s also important is the construction of these panels. They can be hand-stitched, machine-stitched, or joined through thermal bonding. 

Most soccer balls will be machine-stitched, as this enhances the resistance to impact, and improves the water-resistance. So this is definitely something to look out for when you’re shopping for your soccer ball! 

The bladder:

The bladder of a soccer ball is one of the most important parts. It’s in charge of holding in the air, so that the ball remains inflated. Usually, either butyl or latex is used for this.

Professional soccer balls are usually made out of latex, as this makes the ball softer.

However, soccer balls that are used very regularly, and that are aimed at practice or soccer training, are usually made out of butyl, as this is tougher and it works a lot better for air retention. 

If you’re going to use the soccer ball everyday, or if it’s for soccer practice or young players, we absolutely recommend you look for a butyl bladder. 

It might also be worth looking for a soccer ball that comes with a pump included, as most soccer balls will arrive deflated and will need inflating.

The type of soccer ball:

There are a few different types of soccer balls to consider, and if you’re looking to get a soccer ball for a specialized use, then this is definitely a factor to take into account. 

Here is a summary of the different types of soccer balls, explained: 

Training balls:

These are tough soccer balls meant for regular practice and training sessions. These types of balls can be used on almost any surface and are incredibly multi-purpose. 

Match balls:

These types of soccer balls are of a superior quality, which means they are also more expensive. They have to adhere to all the size requirements and regulations. 

Turf balls:

Not all soccer balls are suited to all surface types. Turf balls, for example, are not suited to real grass. This is why they need their own type. 

Premium soccer balls: 

These are the most expensive type of soccer balls, as they are designed for premium matches. These are FIFA-approved, and used by professionals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a soccer ball last? 

Soccer balls don’t last forever, so you will need to replace them every now and then. As a general rule, a good soccer ball that is used correctly should last you a few couple of years.